Exploring the lost Great Capital Angkor Thom

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Exploring the lost Great Capital Angkor Thom

The trip will be beginning with a little walk to Ta Nei, a jungle temple reminiscent of Ta Som, displaying classic Jayavarman VII period artistry. It was constructed mid12th century during the reign of King Jayavarman VII. The next temple would be Ta Keo, a massive, towering but plainly decorated temple mountain dedicated to Hindu Lord, Siva. Its unfinished condition is due to either a lighting strike (considered an evil omen), the death of the King, or a struggle for succession. Constructed under King Jayavarman V. The journey continues to the one of the largest of all Khmer cities (Angkor Thom), which remained the capital until early the 15th century. Constructed: Late 10th century – Early 11th century

Remork plus Guide : USD 55.00 nett per person (max. 2 people)

Car plus Guide : USD 85.00 nett per person (max. 2 peo